Singing Songs of Surrender


Lost and lecherous, lucidly leaving me longing for love.

Too many moments, matriculating in maddening meaning, motioning, modesty.

Not so much modesty as much as

Humility, hearing my hearing, helping my case,

Creating the cryo space, keeping me conscious of my own customary

Growing in grime and in gladness,

The greats never let it get down to their sadness.

Sadness, intoxicating, simple, and sweet, but surprisingly

Complicated and oft self degradingly, bleak.

Lost once in the whirlpool of whatever

Where I begin, begins my battle, to end only never.

A life without widows is wonderful not,

Death and decay brings not only rot.

But life and blessings, in the form of new wings,

Things that think thoughts of living as kings.

Let not this hard quest quintessentially jest,

For the heart in your chest simply does not ever rest.

Take one hard, big step forward,

Flinging yourself into the future of your world.

The sun will sing its songs of surrender

As the moon makes its way up, to manifest splendor.

Cycles continue, clashing, crudely, yet coming together quite smoothly.

As they summit their tops.

Tepidly treating theologins with thought,

I look for the meaning in all that I ought,

To love and to live for,

As simple as day.

The sun that joins us,

Beckons my way.


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