Shoot With Me!

Hello! My name is Faolan Sugarman-Lash!
Thanks for stopping by! On this page, you can book a shoot with me!


Single Person shoots and small groups

  • $40/hr or $20/person/hour
  • For students: $30/hr or $15/person/hour


  • 1-50 person events: $150
  • 51-100: $250
  • 101-200: $500
  • 201+: Contact me for more details


  • $5/hour of shooting
  • or 20 cents/picture if cheaper

All of my prices are flexible and I understand that not everyone will be able to pay this much. If this seems to be out of your price range I am happy to talk with you about options!

Click Here To Shoot With Me!

Please follow the following link with any questions:
Contact me


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