New Zealand!

When I heard I would be going to New Zealand for this Fall, I was overjoyed! Last spring I applied to a program to go to NZ and got rejected. I absolutely love the feeling of getting back up and succeeding at something that I couldn’t do before. I’ve wanted to go to NZ forever, in fact, the first time I remember wanting to travel to NZ was when I was in elementary school and I realized how beautiful it was. A dream was born to explore the land. Over the years, this dream has evolved. I have learned more about the culture and the people, always hearing things like: “You have to go there! It’s my favorite place that I’ve ever been!” More than only the place, I’m excited to study at the University of Otago because I will be able to learn more about entrepreneurship, a passion of mine, from a new perspective! One of my closest family friends gave me a jade necklace that she told me is called Pounamu. She said that it can only be given as a gift and that it’s a traditional stone of the Maori. She said that it would lead me to New Zealand.

Every time the sun rises my excitement seems to rise with it, even higher – with every day, I feel more and more ready to go to NZ. What gives me energy is my love of adventure. I’m excited about backpacking in Queenstown and seeing glow worms in north NZ and to take photos of all my trips. I would be a good ambassador because of my love for adventure and my creative passion for both photography and writing.

My life goals at this point are hazy but there are some things I know. I want to:

  1. Experience as much as I can, in as many places as I can, with as many people as possible;
  2. Change the world for the better and help people; and
  3. Find a home somewhere in the world that calls my name.

New Zealand is my next path to realizing my dreams. My semester in NZ will show me more world, introduce me to more people, push me out of my comfort zone, and expose me to a place where I may want to live when I am older. A smart guy told me the other day, “do what you think you love.” What I think I love is exploring, adventuring, and learning about the world and people. NZ is an amazing place for these things.

If I won the ENZ scholarship, I would feel honored to be chosen as a role model in the world of adventure and studies. I love to share my stories with people, through all mediums possible. Beyond this, being awarded the ENZ scholarship would take an immense burden off of my family. At this point, we’re honestly not sure how to pay for my abroad experience so it would be amazing to receive this honor.

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