My Island


The heart is a fickle friend, giving and taking,

When the river bends, it will be breaking.

It’s not always easy to retract back to love,

Especially when the rationale up above

Starts blathering about this and that,

While all I can hear is idle chit-chat.

The problems in life may seem circumstantial,

But really I think they’re quite unsubstantial.

It’s not about timing, or what we get,

But being ourselves through all challenges met.


Imagine yourself on a boat all alone.

What would you do with your tiny new home?

Is it a place to sail anywhere

Or is it a place to settle and share?

My boat is my boat

And I choose how it floats.

With a little more life,

I’ll be joined by a wife.

Then our boats will be buddies on the wild sea

Not only you and not only me.

It couldn’t be harder for me to imagine this scene,

Where my boat is your boat, and I’m still quite free.

It’s maybe an issue to be held back by this,

Certainly, in time, I will find bliss.


As simple as rain on a bright sunny day,

My love comes for me to take me away,

To a place, I call Island, away from this stress,

A place I know well where I can undress

Of these perceived visions of wonder,

And the others all torn asunder.

To take a step back and appreciate ocean,

That never quite stops its loving motion.

With a deep breath and a smile, I quiet my brain,

And let my heart join me and lead me again.

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