Lessons of Life!

  1. Be honest with myself.
  2. Be compassionate and honest with others directly.
  3. Don’t have expectations for how things will go, life is in constant turmoil – embrace it.
  4. Be in it for the journey, not the end.
  5. I must trust my heart as the most reliable source of me
  6. Love can be painful but that does not mean it’s wrong to love
  7. I feel with as much intensity as everyone else, if I let myself
  8. A clean room never hurts
  9. Girls notice how I smell
  10. Being sad is a part of life
  11. There is too much to do to waste time – BE INTENTIONAL
  12. Always treat others with the utmost respect
  13. Going on adventures by myself is rewarding
  14. Setting intentions before things helps get better outcomes both tangibly and inside
  15. Romcoms are awesome
  16. Give people genuine kindness – there is no downside
  17. Eating well feels good – so does eating a whole jar of Nutella – know the time and the place
  18.  The gym can be fun
  19. There are times in life to save money and there are times to spend
  20. People are generally pretty awesome at their core
  21. My sisters are awesome and I love them more than anyone
  22. Reading is amazing! There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be garnered
  23. Living in discomfort eventually become comfortable, so do it!
  24. People have depth far beyond what they let on
  25. Being grateful for the things I am fortunate enough to have is a powerful choice
  26. Letting go and trusting the world is often correct
  27. Knowing what love feels like is freeing
  28. Friends are what bring me joy when nothing else does
  29. Age is a societally created concept, as is time. A life cannot be defined by an age.
  30. There is no reason not to be yourself, fully… Unless you’re a psychopath, then shoo
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