Inexplicable Throbbing


Inexplicably throbbing from the pain in my heart

The weight of the world seems to tear me apart.

I can’t even find one cent on my mind

To create a vision of things that I’ll leave behind.

I know I’m not perfect and I know I have flaws

But the wounds are not so simple, to be covered with gauze.

The wounds are deep down, where it’s so hard to get,

It takes real commitment to even begin to forget,

Not to mention forgive, The causes of heart wounds.

It will be easy my past self presumes.

Boy, was I wrong, I laugh to the world,

My life has been heaved into the air, even hurled.

I heard once that gratitude is the path to move past these

Inexplicable pains that fill up my chassis.

I look back at my life and think of the love,

The hatred, the fear, and the maybe God up above.

Who knows what will heal me but time and good faith

That the life I am living is not simply a wraith

Of the dreams that I have and goals that I’ve set.

Hopefully one day, these things will be met.

Until that day, onward, I’ll fight through the fear

Of drowning in sorrow every single day here.

It’s but a choice, I’ve told,

To get a grip and be bold,

But when I face it in my life,

I can’t simply dismiss it as strife.

It’s more realistic and harder to fight

Who even knows what’s wrong and what’s right.

With my time on this Earth, I hope I can live

With the gusto to dream and the light to forgive

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