Flowers Fall in Beauty


Flowers fall fleetingly to the foundational earth

Where I lie, leaning only on mirth… Begrudgingly,

Ready to embrace the entrancing future of Faolan.

Not simply a song, going right along,

But a life of love, spiraling out,

Out of control but within my heart,

Simultaneously falling apart… and

Coming together, where weather meets whether

Or not… I let the sun determine my smile

And come to decide if this life is worthwhile.


It is worthwhile I yell at myself

It’s just hard to take it off of the shelf

Well worth it indeed,

For the work means the life is only the lead

For the future to come is just right ahead

Until one day, well, we all end up dead.


Until the day when I die,

I’ll give life a look in the eye,

And commit to be better,

To living with heart

Even if the day is wetter,

I’ll do my part.

Consistently dying,

And yet full of life,

If it’s not something trying,

Perhaps it’s not right.

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