Days 4 + 5 of Kindness

Day 3

Photo Creds to Nati!

Isabelle requested that I help her plan her trip to Southeast Asia and Nati asked if I would play frisbee with her! I decided to take out two birds with one stone and have a picnic with them and do both “kindnesses” (though, again, these I would totally do anyway). It was a super fun day and we decided to run it back the next day so I spent about 9 hours in the gardens. It’s interesting how the smallest gestures of kindness can go such a long way!

Day 4

Liam asked if we could talk on the phone about some stuff in his life, which I happily obliged to do! It had been 10 months basically since I had spoken with my friend from home! I’m so grateful to have connections all over the world who I love and connect with. I’m also grateful that the 137 Days of Kindness challenge put us in touch again! Life is good 🙂 I’m hoping more people ask for gestures!

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