Day Two of Kindness

Today was a two-for-one hit!!

  1. It started out early in the morning at 8 am with a wake-up phone call to Esmé followed by bagels also with Esmé. She requested that I wake her up and do something with her so that she could embrace the day early and begin her study marathon, which she achieved in excellent fashion!IMG_1455.JPG
  2. Later in the day, I had a request to deliver pizza to Annie! So, starting early at around 10 am I began working on my pizza dough and when it was done and ready to be cooked at 6:30 pm I made a pizza and delivered it as promised at 7 pm!

Reflections on Day Two: I loved helping people out and honestly, both acts were the things I was most excited to do today! I had some cool realizations that I will keep secret for now as I mull them over. Come back tomorrow for the next act of kindness!

Also, please please keep sending me requests!! Without any requests, I have to think of things on my own and that’s much harder!

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