Day Three of Kindness

Today I had an awesome request to make pizza for some friends Carly and Nicole! They asked if we could make pizza and cookies and play monopoly deal (a new game in my repertoire – I don’t really get it, which is unusual but fun!). I quite happily obliged them as this act of kindness felt very much like a two-way street (as have all of them so far). The pizza was awesome, the cookies were amazing, and the game was well, two losses in a row, but still fun, so about as good as a game can get!

Carly, Me, and Nicole ft. Cookies!

I’m realizing how great it is to do kind things for people because I end up sharing happy moments with people that I probably wouldn’t have seen at all! It’s a win-win for everyone involved! And I heard a little bird tell me that Annie (my second day of kindness recipient) will be returning the favor, which is a 100% win in my book!

Good night friends, stay kind. Remember to help out where you are able 🙂

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