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The Stranger and The Truth(?)

First off, the elephants pictured above have nothing to do with the post, but I thought they looked cool, soooo there ya go. Enjoy! The acacia branches hung overhead, basking in the late afternoon sun. I was in Damongo, Ghana at a Catholic Homestay….

Moments in Snowfall

I once walked home from my bus stop in the midst of a gentle yet commanding snowfall. In the snow I watched the echo of myself be left behind with every footfall. I was struck at the brevity of each moment, at the complex…

Happiness Lies in the Bootstraps of Those Around Us

“A pendulum could lift anything into the air but it could not lift itself.” -Gabriel García Márquez in One Hundred Years of Solitude This quote seems to be rather meaningless but when I read it I was profoundly struck with a pretty interesting metaphor….

Creativity and Action

When I was younger I was incredibly creative. My mom encouraged me to look at the world as a place of possibility. I remember when I was younger I was fascinated with how things worked, with what I could make, and with how I…

On Luck and its Creation

When you hear the word luck where does your mind go? I would imagine that most travel to an idea about a four-leafed-clover, a leprechaun, something that happened in one’s life that is unlucky, finding a dollar, being in a good relationship. What I’m…