Books I Want to Read


The Boys in the Boat

Here is real magic

New York 2140 – Kim Stanley Robinson

Factfulness READ THIS ASAP

Make elephants fly

The righteous mind

Naked came the stranger

The edible woman

The drowned world

I’m watermelon sugar

Stand in Zanzibar

The Andromeda train

Do androids dream of electric sheep

The secret meaning of things

The left hand of darkness

The armies of the night

Behold the man

Powerhouse complaint

City if the cohosh

Sloughterhouse five

The electric coolaid acid testTom Wolfe

I know why the caged bird sings

The high king loud Alexander

Mind hacking – online for free

No turning back

Tao de zing

Rich roll

Steven lressfield – turning pro

Kirk kirkorium biography – los Vegas

If I stop talking you’ll know I’m dead jerry Winthrop

1000 splendid suns

What school could be

The goldfinch

The secret history

The righteous mind

White noise

The goldfish

Into the magic shop

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

How to have a good day Caroline webb

Mr penumbras 24 hour vertical book store

The zookeepers wife

The magic of thinking big

Happy city

Elon musk

The ripping point

Your money or your life

The little book that beats the market

The blue sweater

Kevin kelly – out of control

Awake the giant

Seeking wisdom

The art of joy

Orphan X

The stranger

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