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Whenever I meet a new person I like and respect I ask them what books they recommend. When I meet people who are really important to me, I’ll buy them a book as a gift. Books are, in my opinion, the most efficient way to grow as a person. They allow us to experience the lives of many different people quickly and by doing so bring more value into our own lives. If any of the books below sound like something you would like, click on the cover and it will bring you to Amazon. If you buy the book, part of the sale goes back to me – It’s a win-win! You get to grow, support awesome authors, and support me! Happy reading!

The Art of Possibility

This book is amazing. If you have ever wondered about how you should exist in the world in order to bring about your best self, this book is for you. The Art of Possibility will explain fully with stories, examples, and clever comments twelve practices to dramatically improve your outlook on life. Imagine a world where nothing is impossible and where opportunities are limitless. Read this to figure it out! If you don’t want to read the whole book, check out this TED Talk by one of the authors.

Awesome Ted Talk!

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is one of my favorite books. If you have felt lost in life, like you don’t know what you’re doing, try this one out! Coelho does an amazing job of capturing the power of taking actions to follow one’s purpose. I read it on a plane, all in one go. It’s short and sweet! After reading this book for the second time and reading a bunch of Coelho’s other novels, I can say without a doubt that this man has the best connection with people and the world and truth that I have ever seen. He is a poet who inspires people to realize who they are. He is one of my role models and this book is one of his greatest ones. Also read The ZahirEleven MinutesBrida, and The Aleph in no particular order.

Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence was written by two brothers who are also the founders of Standford’s school of design, famously known as the “” This book inspires confidence through action, which is ultimately what many people look for. It also points out that all people have an innate capacity for creativity and innovation and that, in fact, by using our creative capacity, we grow as people. I highly recommend this book if you feel like you are stagnating in your current life situation.

Harry Potter

It may seem rather strange to recommend what is often thought of as a series of books targeted towards young adults, but the Harry Potter books are so fantastic that I think that everyone should read them. Read them if you like to read or want to get back into reading.

Zen And the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence

This book outlines the metaphorical and physical journey of a man and his son through their road trip across the US on their motorcycle. It’s slow to start and admittedly a bit dense, but more than any other book, I think this book has changed how I see the world the most and affected me in the most profound way out of any book I have ever read. This book teaches lessons in the areas of authenticity, Quality, and love. It is such a strong and profound story.

Into the Magic Shop

Another wonderful piece. This book is written by a neurosurgeon working at Stanford and one of the founders of the Compassion Project along with the Dalai Lama. This book teaches the reader through the telling of the author’s life story all about meditation, goal setting, compassion, dealing with adversity, and ultimately about how to live a good life. It is a fast read full of suspense, excitement, and depth. Once you read the intro you won’t be able to put it down.

Atomic Habits

This book has been pivotal in my transformational growth as person. Clear guides the reader through the fundementals of habits – how to make new habits and break old habits. He clearly lays out four different ways to make habits come easily. Some of the most relevant to my life are designing one’s environment to suit the habits one wants to create, not putting too much pressure to uphold any standard of excellence when forming a habit except for dedication to doing any of it (the two minute rule), and finally to recognize the importance of maintaining habits throughout one’s life and improving steadily over time instead of all at once.

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