Loving-Kindness Meditation

This morning I woke up early and did a loving-kindness meditation. In my guided meditation by Tara Broch (here), she instructed me to address myself, to send love inward, and to wish something to myself. In loving-kindness meditations, the meditator first sends love to someone who is easy, then someone a little harder or who is neutral, then one’s self, and finally to all beings. I had done the first two steps so I was used to wishing things to others but when it came to wishing myself something, I was stumped. As I followed my breathing it came to me: “Faolan, love what you do and do what you love.” I felt my being shiver with recognition.

I often tell myself to do what I love and to find my passions but I was surprised at the other half of the statement: “Love what you do.” Or in other words, embrace all moments of my life and all steps taken. To generalize, there are three kinds of moments in life.

  • Highs:
    It is perhaps easy to be grateful for the highs and to love what you do when what you are doing is something you love.
  • Lows:
    I have realized that the hardest, most pain filled times in my life have left me with more compassion, wisdom, and direction than any of the highs. Pain is not to be escaped but experienced. It is the human condition to experience suffering.
  • In Between:
    There are many moments that might at first seem boring, meaningless, or neutral, but these are the ones that make up the majority of our lives. Without being present with these moments and grateful for them, we will miss much of our lives.

Each type of moment exists in our lives and we must truly embrace them all, for that is the only way to live a full life.

As I write this, I realize that what my wish for myself really means is: “Love who you are and be who you love.” It all comes down to authenticity.

PS. To all those who have reached out and thanked me or encouraged me… I am here writing because of you all. Thank you, right back at you 🙂 Writing is a deep part of who I am and it means so much when people read it, and especially when people are moved by it.

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