Doing: Getting Motivated and Making Connections

The last few days I’ve started doing things I’m interested in. It’s crazy what kind of life-shift can come from simply doing instead of not doing. Today I started working on a new startup. Yesterday I started writing a book. I’ve been writing this blog for over two weeks now! Just by dipping my toes into the world of doing I’ve already gotten so inspired and motivated.

I have always waited for inspiration to come to me before starting on a journey to do something hard and only recently have I realized that motivation can’t be borne out of inactivity. Motivation can only come from action. When we choose to act in spite of not being motivated it’s like opening the flood gates to let in the build up of motivation we have. But, not until we act and start doing something towards out goals do doors open up.

Another thing that has been happening to me recently is that potential connections and mentors have been popping up everywhere. There are so many people out there and it just takes being real with them to build a connection. In person I figured this out a few years ago when I was an Orientation Leader. During that summer I had some of the best conversations of my life with random people who I’d never met. I realized that just by being open, honest, and genuinely interested I could make friends much faster. By asking excellent questions I could learn about people faster and better (my personal favorite is: What makes you light up?).

Only today did I realize that this tactic works on social media as well as in the real world. There are so many people on social media who go there to create a surface-level self. People spend time and effort hiding themselves and their true depth. We have been taught to be normal and to conform to what is assumed of us and so we don’t try to be different or stand out. But, the key thing that I never got is that because of all these things, everyone on social media craves genuine connection.

In the past week, I updated my job title on LinkedIn. Some people messaged me short, likely automated messages like “Congratulations, Faolan!” or something like that. Most people might simply dismiss those messages or say a quick thank you. I, on the other hand, spent the time writing out genuine responses and have built multiple new relationships just by doing so.

Another thing: I was scrolling through Youtube and saw a traveling videographer I follow. He posted a new podcast with actual zero. I decided to give it a listen and loved it. He was interviewing a man who is part of the High on Life team (we’ll call him Jerry), which has over a million followers on instagram. Jerry is working on starting up a food instagram/youtube. I follow a great guy named Joshua Weissmann on Youtube and love his videos so I reached out to Jerry on IG and suggested he check out Joshua’s channel. He actually got back to me and thanked me for the recommendation. Then he answered some questions I’ve had about traveling and photography (I was so surprised that he actually reached back out that I didn’t even spend enough time thinking about what I should say that I might have blown it). My convo with him made me realize that so many of the reasons I don’t do things in life is because I assume that they won’t work and so I don’t. The only way that something 100% won’t work, is if you don’t try.

Just by doing and actively trying to make stuff happen, so many totally random other things come up and so many other doors open. So today, I encourage you to just do something, anything that will get you closer to where you want to be and see what happens!

ALSO! To reiterate something I said a few blog posts ago: Everything is possible if you never give up. I’m 100% convinced this is true.

One Comment on “Doing: Getting Motivated and Making Connections

  1. Yup. So true. Got to be on the path to go beyond where you are. 😊 Love the post. Me

    Sent from my iPhone Note: My email address is still (Both nycap and berkshire work.)



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