Every Person Has a Path

“There exists in the world a single path along which no one can walk except you: wither does it lead? Do not ask, go along with it.”
– Nietzsche

Nietzsche is one of my favorite philosophers and doers, and simultaneously one of the most dangerous for me. When I read his writing and think his thoughts I am both the most inspired and the most depressed version of me possible. His ideals bring out in me a visceral reaction to truth that nothing else comes close to. I am shaken me to my very core–I know that I must do as he did… Yet when I hear his story, I am so sad for him, the world, and, honestly, for myself that my heart breaks. I completely agree with the quote above. Every single human has a unique purpose on earth. Every human is unique and our power as a race lies in expressing and enacting that uniqueness.

The biggest problem in our world is conformity (or one of them). People are driven by the wrong motivators all the time. People do things because they think others want them to, because it’s cool, or because they simply are feigning stupidity in fear of standing out. People are constantly striving to be normal, to fit in, and to not draw too much attention to themselves. The general population shuns the heretics, chases them down, ridicules them, and challenges their ideals at every turn… Until finally the “heretic” is actually proven correct and their ideas become the new norm. Nothing is every set in stone and nothing is ever known to be correct or incorrect: things change (in fact, it’s the only certainty besides death).

So what does this mean? The need for resilience of ideals in life is more important than ever. If each person is different and has a unique value to add, then each person will assuredly be ridiculed for their beliefs somewhere along the way. Today, in a world full of conformity of the masses, the vast majority of people look to the few “proven heretics” to show them the path forward. It has never been easier to compare one’s self to what the most “successful” people look like. We are constantly exposed to “perfection” or rather what society has defined as perfection on social media and throughout our daily lives. We’re barraged and bombarded by it. Each person’s uniqueness is being stomped out by the society we live in and it’s harder than ever to confront this. 

The most important thing to remember is that every person who is in the spotlight once wasn’t. Every person who we look up to once was where we are now or lower. There is nothing better about them, different about them, or foreign. They are us. The only difference is that these people didn’t quail in the face of their dreams and the constant comparisons of society. These people started, committed, and never quit. If you put in the work to make your dreams come true, it’s impossible to fail because the simple act of pursuing one’s dreams is what life is all about, and in my opinion, the only measure for success. Without the pursuit though, without the resilience and courage, life is nothing… Without heart, life slowly withers away into stagnation. 

So! Chase after you dreams and be you. Be unique. Don’t compare yourself to those around you. Walk your own path and don’t worry about where’s it taking you, just enjoy the journey.

Oh AND! So many famous philosophers found nature. So many of the best thinkers took walks on their own through the woods, impressing on themselves the majesty of the reality that constantly surrounds us. The beauty of all that is good can be found in the simple act of stepping into nature, trust me.

Peace out. Go outside,

2 Comments on “Every Person Has a Path

  1. Nice to read your words as I snuggle into bed…..which reminds me…shouldn’t you be asleep…u r 4 hours ahead of us.

    It is a beautiful piece…AND I agree with you…again. Left me feeling light and hopeful😊

    Cold night tonight after days and days of hot and humid. Have quilt and extra blanket.

    Sleep well. Love you. Me

    Liked by 1 person

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