My Domino Effect

Everyone has a first domino for success. There’s always something that leads to everything else falling into place. For some it may be working out, yoga, eating well, seeing friends, meditating, etc. This simple action has vast ripple effects across the board of one’s life. My first domino is getting up early.

When I get up early everything else feels easy. I love to be awake before everything else in the quiet of the morning. I love to dance around my house on tiptoes trying not to wake anyone up while I listen to my morning hype music. I love having space and quiet to meditate first thing. I love making breakfast alone in the kitchen. I love running right after I meditate and seeing the sunrise. Everything just clicks when I wake up early. And yet…

I struggle with more than anything else to wake up early. Two nights ago I stayed up until 6:15 am and the following night until 3:30. This is abnormally bad for me (I was playing Civilization V. Fantastic game). Anyway, this seriously messes up my next day in every conceivable way. I sleep through the daylight, which is a powerful conduit of happiness for me in the form of vitamin D. I’m out of sync with the rest of world and have trouble deciding how to fill my time. I eat late in the day and end up snacking all night. I’m tired all day and have no energy. It’s brutal!

What I’m getting at is that there is a clear path forward for me to be successful that I’ve know about for a while now but I haven’t managed to do it yet. I’m not sure what’s stopping me. Sometimes my environment and the people around me stay up late and I feel that I need to. Sometimes I’m just busy and lose track of time. However, as I write this I remember something one of my friends and I talked about once. We both agreed that sometimes we stay up late to procrastinate the next day because we don’t want to do whatever we have to do.

Figuring this out doesn’t make me happy. It’s like a monkey wrench has been thrown into my life. If I don’t want to live out tomorrow, what’s wrong? How can I change my own mindset or my situation to be excited for my next day? These are the questions I need to answer. If you have any tips, shoot them my way. Also, just to be clear, I’m not depressed or anything and I don’t hate my life by any means. I love what I do most of the time, but sometimes it’s just all out of wack. I especially feel this way at Santa Clara.

Okay okay, done for the day. I feel like it might seem like I’m complaining but I’m not tying to do. I wrote to figure out how I feel and now this blog is my outlet (oops).

– Embrace, Engage, Enjoy –

One Comment on “My Domino Effect

  1. Another fun, interesting post. I stay up to make the day longer. I also get up early. Probably Not a good plan.🤪

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