Day Four – Music!

I never realized how important it is for me to have a creative outlet until yesterday. Or rather, I never saw the true value in having one. Yesterday morning I was really struggling with some personal qualms and I didn’t know who to talk about them with. It’s not that I didn’t have anyone to talk to but I didn’t think anyone would be able to understand where I was coming from. So, I turned to music and wrote a song. As I wrote line after line, my true feelings unravelled in front of me.

Often when I’m writing I don’t know where I will go or what will be said, I just write until I figure out what I am feeling. In the past I have written fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and now music. Music is a different form of expression because it can carry a tune. There is power in choosing to use an Am chord instead of an F major chord. Each chord connotes emotion and when they are woven together with lyrics the potential for emotional impact seems to be innately simpler and easier to connect to than with other forms of writing.

Because I was able to let my feelings out in the form of a song and attach each feeling to chords and to notes, I was able to better understand how I was feeling. If you know me well, you’ll know that if I am almost always listening to music. I take music with me wherever I go. Honestly music is one of my most valuable companions. It supports my wellbeing in life. The music I listen to can affect my mood or help me move through bad times. I have a playlist for when I want to cry that without fail manages to bring tears to my eyes. Some people may be thinking, “Faolan, why would you want to cry?” I have found that when I cry I am able to let go of my sadness and get a better understanding of what I am feeling. Again, music is a connection to a better understanding of myself.

I’m not feeling like writing a super long blog today, so I’ll leave you with a song I wrote a few days ago!

Living on Borrowed Dimes

It’s not perfect by any stretch and I’m a bit nervous to share it, but what are blogs for if not being authentic and courageous with who we are?

All the best heading into a new week,

4 Comments on “Day Four – Music!

  1. Dear Sugar,

    GM and I couldn’t understand your lyrics. Please add lyrics in your blog post.



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  2. Thanks for sharing your work in both word and song!
    Music and singing can calm the soul, excite, empower and bring together communities and Nations alike!

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